Driving organic traffic to your eCommerce website is an effective way to increase your conversion rates and boost online sales. And, once you’ve successfully gained a large number of organic visitors to your website, you may be wondering what the next step is to take your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts to the next level. 

The answer is SEO A/B testing. 

What is A/B testing in SEO?

It’s likely that you’ve at least heard of SEO A/B testing before. But, many people aren’t quite sure exactly what that is. This is unfortunate because, when performed correctly, SEO A/B testing can significantly boost your website metrics, leading to increased organic traffic, conversion rates, and revenue.

So, what is SEO A/B testing? Put simply, A/B testing, or split testing, allows you to strategically test multiple variations of a folder of pages on your website to determine which version of the page has the most impact on your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). KPIs typically involve metrics such as clicks, impressions, click-through-rate, conversion rates, and business sales. 

For example, let’s say you are an eCommerce website that sells furniture. And, you have an entire folder of pages on your website for dining tables in particular. Through SEO A/B testing, you can take all of your dining table products and serve different versions of the product page to users to make an informed decision as to which version of the page results in a desired behavior such as filling out a form and completing a purchase. 

Different variations of the product pages can range from things like changing button colors to updating title tags to even adjusting the layout of a page and much more. Both simple and complex changes can significantly impact a user’s decision when not only visiting a website but when deciding to make a purchase.  

Amazon is a great example of A/B testing because they are a website that went from mainly selling books to an online eCommerce empire through testing and experimenting. Much of their success was from taking the time to test different versions of their website to determine what exactly makes their consumers the most satisfied. 

For example, some things they’ve tested that worked for them is adding a “Buy Now” button to allow for immediate ordering or having an “Amazon’s Choice” label on products to encourage purchases. These changes might seem simple but have lead to a huge positive impact for Amazon and their business success. 

Benefits of SEO A/B testing

Using A/B testing in your SEO strategy has several benefits. One of the most immediate benefits is that it allows you to make informed, strategic SEO decisions using real-time data. Once you’ve made changes to page versions on your website and have begun testing, you notice the following positive impacts: 

  • Improved user engagement
  • Decreased bounce rates
  • Increased organic clicks and impressions
  • Increased conversion rates
  • Increased sales 
  • Reduced cart abandonment 
  • Reduced risk when making SEO changes
  • Quick results in order to make quick decisions that are effective

How do I drive up conversion rates and sales through A/B testing? 

So, you’ve decided that A/B testing is a great strategy for your eCommerce website but you’re not sure how to get started? The first step is simply setting up your website for A/B testing. Many eCommerce websites utilize an SEO A/B testing tool to facilitate their experiments, otherwise, it can be difficult to perform A/B testing accurately and confidently. 

Once you’ve chosen an A/B testing tool that works best for your business, you can then begin your experiments to drive up conversion rates and sales. Select pages to test on your website that have significant traffic. The goal here is to get the most data from a large sample of users in order to make the most informed SEO decisions for your website that leads to increased revenue. 

What are some elements I can test on my eCommerce site?

There are several elements on your eCommerce website that can be tested. One of the best ways to start is at your first line of defense–title tags and meta descriptions. Title tags and meta descriptions are what is served to users in Search Engine Results pages and they are the first things a user will see before clicking on your website from Google or other Search Engines. See an example of a title tag and meta description below: 

screenshot of title tag and meta description

Testing these elements on a folder of pages can help you determine what version of the title tag and meta description draws the most users to your website. You can make conclusions about things like, is there a certain phrase that works the best? Or does word placement in the title tag matter? Or is there a call-to-action in the meta description that is more effective? These changes, although they seem small, have a big impact on not only website discoverability and impressions but also clicks. 

Other elements you can test on your website to drive sales include: 

  • Button color, wording, and placement 
  • Promotional offers
  • Product description or body copy changes 
  • Image placement  
  • Heading placement and wording 
  • Navigational organization
  • Much more! 

How do I know which version of my test is successful?

Determining which version of your A/B test is successful involves data analysis and statistical significance. This is why using an A/B testing tool is vital to the success of your experiments. At RankScience, our A/B testing tool takes the guesswork out of determining which tests are winners. Our platform uses a 95% confidence interval to determine a winning variation of a folder of pages. This way, you can accurately and strategically make decisions about SEO changes that will make the most positive impact on your KPIs. 

When do I stop testing?

The short answer? Never! Not only is Google always changing its algorithm, but your customers also change too! That is why you want to constantly test your pages in order to stay ahead of the curve and ensure that you are always looking for new ways to boost your metrics and sales and make your customers happy. 

Get started with SEO A/B testing for eCommerce 

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