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Here at RankScience, we take a data-driven, proven approach to SEO and digital marketing. We know what our clients are looking for when they outsource their marketing: ROI. Simply put, you expect a return on investment for your marketing efforts, and our approach is focused on that. 

Our time-tested approach works for every type of business; whether you’re a startup or a Fortune 500 company, we can provide digital marketing services to increase your traffic and your revenue. Our full suite of services includes technical SEO, content strategy, content marketing, and PPC automation. Each of these services, or a combination of them, will make a big difference in both the long-term and short-term success of your website.

Below is a brief breakdown of our services, make sure to click through to each page if you would like a more in-depth description of each.

Technical SEO

We take a holistic approach to SEO, and that approach starts with making sure your website is working properly. Technical issues on a website signal to Google that your website isn’t a good resource for users. Plus, the users themselves could get frustrated and seek their products or services elsewhere.

Our strategy starts with a technical SEO audit where we pin down everything that could be improved or fixed on your website. Crawlability, internal linking structure, indexability, metadata, mobile usability, and site performance are just a few of the things that we test when running a technical audit. Fixing these issues will lead to a better user experience and better rankings on Google and other search engines.

We also use one of the most advanced and effective methods for improving your website: A/B testing. With our A/B testing platform, we test different elements of your website to find which versions drive the most traffic and revenue. We can design various tests for your site and find out what changes you should implement to maximize your website’s rankings. We provide you regular reports to show you how A/B testing is making a measurable difference in your web traffic. Learn more about our technical SEO services here.

Content strategy

Once your website is running smoothly and efficiently, you need to give people a reason to visit. Obviously, your products or services are going to be where you want them to head, but first, you need to increase your domain authority. One of the best ways to do that is to create engaging, useful content that users can go to as a reliable resource. As Google realizes your content is reaching the right users, it will gradually rank you higher.

RankScience can help you put together a content strategy that will draw the demographics that you’re trying to reach. Through intensive keyword research, topic hubs, competitor analysis, and more, we can pinpoint what content targets will help you climb the ranking algorithm. Not only do we find new high-relevance topics to pursue, but we also can help you optimize existing content to maximize the traffic you’re already receiving. Learn more about content strategy here.

Content marketing

Having a content strategy isn’t much use if you don’t implement it. Google looks at relevant, premium-quality articles as a huge ranking factor. The more relevant and useful your articles are, the better your domain authority will be. The better your domain authority, the higher you rank on Google. Unfortunately, most busy companies don’t have the time to write articles on a regular basis.

That’s where RankScience comes in. Our content marketing team can create well-written, informative, highly relevant articles that will push you to the top of the search engines. One unique approach we take toward content marketing is our usage of NLP, or natural language processing software. This helps to craft content that matches search intent and thus increases your relevant user traffic.

In addition to creating your content for you, we also can pursue link-building opportunities. Backlinks and link-building have quickly become one of the major ranking factors for Google’s search algorithm. 

But how do backlinks work? When your content is relevant and engaging enough, other websites might be willing to link to it as a resource. At RankScience, we can create this engaging content and then reach out to potential backlink opportunities to increase your domain authority even quicker.

Of course, content marketing isn’t limited to just backlinks and content creation. RankScience can handle every aspect of your content marketing needs, such as press releases, business listings, pdf submissions, and much more. Learn more about our content marketing services here.

PPC services

SEO is a great long-term strategy for your website, but it can take time to implement and bring results. That’s why we offer something more immediate in the meantime: PPC services. PPC, or pay-per-click using the Google Ads platform to bring you relevant traffic right away.

RankScience can manage your PPC campaign for you, finding the best, most relevant keywords while also maximizing your price per conversion. We create your ads, manage them, and much more.

In addition to research, setting up, implementing, and managing your PPC campaign, we also specialize in retargeting. Retargeting is an especially effective advertising strategy that reminds users of your products and services after they leave your website. With retargeting, users receive your ads when they visit other relevant websites or when they’re browsing social media. This makes sure your brand is always at the front of their minds. Plus, we make sure to find the most relevant demographic segments to target, ensuring that your ads are maximizing your ROI. Learn more about our PPC services here.

Grow your traffic and maximize your ROI with RankScience

If you’re looking to increase your organic traffic and turn your website into an authority in your industry, then RankScience can help. Our full suite of digital marketing services can be customized to meet your specific needs, boost your organic traffic, and maximize your return on investment.

No matter what your digital marketing goals are, we’re dedicated to helping you achieve them. If you’re interested in any of our services or a free strategy session, get in touch with us today.

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