RankScience: An Alternative to DistilledODN

Looking for an alternative to DistilledODN? See how our AI-powered platform can help you strategically grow your search traffic using real-world data.

Finding the right solutions for your SEO challenges in order to grow your website visibility and improve your conversions is often a difficult task, especially if you don’t have the tools and data to back up your efforts. However, with SEO A/B testing, you get the unique opportunity to easily make SEO changes and analyze those changes with real-world data so you can determine how effective your SEO efforts are and come up with solutions that can make a real impact.

Although there are only a handful of A/B testing tools, it can be a challenge in itself to figure out which A/B testing tool is right for your business. At RankScience, our A/B testing tool uses data science to help you make informed decisions through small but powerful SEO changes such as title tag changes, meta description changes, and other on-page changes. 

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DistilledODN vs. RankScience: What’s the Difference?

Although DistilledODN and RankScience are both A/B testing tools, there are several differences between the two. Understanding these differences can help you make the right choice when selecting a tool that works best for your business and goals. 

DistilledODN Pricing

One of the first things that people look at when choosing an A/B testing tool is the price. You want to make sure that the tool you are using not only provides you with all of your A/B testing needs but also fits within your budget and offers you a potential for high ROI. 

While DistilledODN prices their platform at around $6,000/mo, RankScience offers much more affordable plans that are tailored to your needs. In fact, we take the time to speak directly with you to discover exactly what your SEO needs are in order to create an affordable plan that also aligns with your goals. 

Request a free demo with RankScience today to see how we can help you boost your SEO efforts. 

A/B Testing Tool Integration 

Another major difference between RankScience and DistilledODN is how the SEO changes are integrated into your website. At RankScience, our tool works with your website through integrating a JavaScript snippet into the tag of your HTML or through the use of a tag manager. This integration is quick, easy, and compatible with all modern websites. Additionally, it loads quickly and the script will make your SEO changes live in your HTML.

DistilledODN, on the other hand, uses a CDN instead of a JavaScript Snippet. This can be potentially damaging to your SEO because it can cause delays in loading media files, issues with cross-site security errors, and, although not very common, it can lead to the accidental creation of duplicate content.

You Success is Our Priority 

At RankScience, your success is our number one priority. That is why we make sure to sit down with you to listen to your needs and come up with the perfect solution to help you obtain your goals and go above and beyond your SEO goals. Additionally, our team of SEO experts and developers are available at your fingertips whenever you have any questions about using our platform. 

Have additional questions? Learn more about how our platform works here or contact us via email at hello@localhost 

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