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When creating content for your website, keyword research is an extremely crucial first step to making your content visible to users. In today’s blog, we are going to discover why keyword research is so important and how to get started with keyword research–more specifically, how to match and integrate the keywords into your website’s content. 

Why is Keyword Research Important?

So, why is keyword research so important? Keyword research is important for many reasons. But when it comes to SEO, most people find strategic keyword research valuable because it helps you with understanding how your users search for the topic you are writing about in order to appear more visible in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). In addition to search engine visibility, keyword research also helps you understand and analyze your competitor’s performance as well as helps you figure out what your users are struggling with or concerned about to help improve your services or product. 

How to Get Started with Keyword Research

Keyword research starts with just that–research! There are countless keyword research tools out there to choose from and most SEOs already have a tool they rely on for keyword research whether that is Google’s Keyword Planner, another third-party tool, or simply using Google’s keyword suggestions when typing phrases into their search engine.

However, figuring out which phrases to type into your preferred tool can be the real challenge. Typically, you want to start with a broad, core term then work your way to more niche, long-term keywords. For example, if you are an athletic eCommerce site writing content about the best running shoes to buy, you may want to start your keyword research with the term “running shoes” then work your way down to more specific keywords such as “women’s running shoes” or “comfortable running shoes” or even something very specific such as “top trending running shoes in 2020.” 

After you’ve conducted your keyword research and selected a list of keywords to target, the next common question that many people wonder is if the keyword that you pulled from your research tool needs to exactly match the keyword phrase you use in the content of your website. Continue reading below to find out!  

Should I Exactly Match the Keyword Phrase in my Content?

The short, quick, and easy answer is yes. It is good practice to use exactly the keyword you are targeting, especially if it is a specific long-tailed keyword. This is because it will help you better rank for high-converting phrases that users are searching for to find your content. However, at the same time, Google does have an understanding of semantics and understands that sometimes two of the same keywords are basically the same thing. So, while matching the exact keyword is extremely beneficial, it is also good practice to include other, related keywords and concepts within your content in order to target a wider variety of users. 

How Do I Effectively Improve my Semantic Keyword Integration?

When writing content and integrating keywords, it can be difficult to know which other keywords you should include in your content that are relevant, valuable, and pushes you ahead of the competition. Luckily, at RankScience, we have a tool that can help you do just that! 

Our Content Insights Tool allows you to analyze new and existing content and provides you with recommendations on how to improve your content. Additionally, it offers a list of related keywords to include in your content as well as how many times you should include that related keyword. Last, it will also allow you to analyze similar, competitor content to see how you stack up against them!   

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