Med spa companies have very unique marketing needs. You want clients to find you for new aesthetic services, but you also want them to be aware that you offer specific services such as Botox, filler and IPL. From laser hair removal to body contouring and more, you want to make sure that when someone is looking for an aesthetic service, your business is visible on Google. With the power of medical spa SEO, you can inform potential clients about all of your services. Your phone will be ringing off the hook and you’ll be filling appointments like never before. But where to start? That’s where RankScience comes in!

Why RankScience For Your Med Spa?

We are your comprehensive solution for marketing, offering multiple services focused on ROI. We know your business relies on reaching new clients, so we make sure to use research-based strategies to bring a steady flow of traffic to your site. We also ensure your clients know how to contact you – whether that be through web forms, phone or text. SEO and Lead generation doesn’t have to be difficult for your med spa when you work with RankScience.

Our goal will always be to increase your website traffic, increase your revenue, or meet any other major marketing metrics you want to focus on. We’re data-driven, diligent, and highly motivated to build a marketing strategy to take your med spa to the next level. Ready to learn more?

Digital Marketing Services We Offer

We take a boutique approach to digital marketing and implement the appropriate marketing method for your medical spa.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We understand that med spa business owners need to show up on Google when someone types things like fractional laser near me in the search bar. However, ranking for these highly competitive med spa-related terms can be difficult at best. We take a holistic approach to helping you find the most relevant keywords for your industry and then we focus on putting you on the front page of search results for these terms. With an informative and SEO-friendly website and the right strategy, you can rank above your competition and reach new clients in your area.

Your business is unique, and so are your SEO needs. Our dedicated team of SEO experts will learn your business goals and make sure to mold your tailored SEO strategy around them.

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example of what the ad results in google looks like for medical spa

Google Ads Management (formerly Google Adwords aka PPC)

It’s well worth investing in a long-term SEO strategy, but sometimes you need something that will get you new clients right away. While implementing your SEO strategy, you can quickly and easily show up at the top of Google for terms like medical spa right now with Google Ads. Ads are the first few results you see when you search for anything, including phrases like lip filler. With Google Ads turned on, your med spa business gets in front of new clients in seconds, giving you fresh leads as soon as possible.

A Google Ads campaign hinges on using your ad budget on the right keywords at the right time. You need to make sure you’re serving your ads to relevant users, so you’re not wasting money on ad spend. Our team will use our data-driven approach to create an ad campaign that will reach potential clients and bring you more leads.

Lead Generation

Leads are a building block of medical spas, which is why lead generation is a great addition to your marketing strategy. To foster a consistent flow of leads, your lead generation strategy should consider the unique needs of the med spa industry and ensure your clients can reach you through the relevant channels. This means focusing on web forms, phone calls, and anywhere else your clients may look for med spa services. Our team will make sure you’re as visible as possible online, so your clients can find you every time.

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Google Business Profile and Maps Management

When potential clients search for phrases like microneedling in Google Maps, you want your business to show up. With Rankscience’s Google Business Profile and Maps Management service, you won’t have to worry about clients being unable to find your business. We’ll manage your profile and make sure clients are finding you for the most relevant terms related to your med spa business.

Reputation Management

The ongoing growth of your business is dependent on your good reputation. Negative reviews can be devastating for med spas. However, reputation management can help get things back under control. Our reputation management team monitors your business reviews and will work with you to construct responses to your negative and positive reviews. We can also help dispute reviews that aren’t written in good faith. When clients see you care about responding to their concerns, it’s a signal that your business is trustworthy and they can rely on you for a positive experience.

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Local Business Listing Management

If you’re a business owner, you likely have too much on your plate to have time to manage your online listings on directories like YellowPages, Yelp, and Foursquare. Our team has you covered. With local business listing management services, we can ensure your business is claimed and updated on any online directories relevant to your industry. This helps more clients find you in more places and gives potential clients the information they need to get in touch with you.

Website Design

 Medical spa clients want to see your work so before and after photos are essential to converting new clients. Most people are going to check out your website before committing to any services. This is why you want your website design to be top-quality, so your clients can trust you and find out more about your services. We’ll work with you to build a website design that looks amazing while also matching your brand and style. Of course, we’ll also implement intuitive navigation design to ensure your website drives leads too. Our team is ready to help you with a complete overhaul, a quick update, or anything else your website might need.

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Start Getting Leads Today!

Ready to bring in more new clients to your med spa business? You can count on the team at RankScience. Choosing RankScience means you get a full-fledged team of marketing experts on your side, who are dedicated to hitting your unique business goals. We’ll tailor every service to your medical spa and create a dedicated SEO strategy that will bring you new leads, increase revenue, and grow your business. Let us show you why med spa companies choose us for all of their marketing services!

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