Chiropractic practices have unique marketing needs. Not only do you need to be found for your primary chiropractor phrases, but you want to be visible for each condition you treat. From sciatica pain to arthritis to kinesio taping, you want to make sure that when someone is looking for a specific treatment, your practice is visible on Google. SEO allows you to target all of the most essential terms for your business, so people can easily find your practice for the terms they search most. RankScience is here to help!

Why RankScience?

We offer a full suite of marketing services that focus on ROI. We know how crucial leads are to the success of your practice, so we give patients every avenue to find you online – whether that be through web forms, chat, text, or phone calls. Through our comprehensive strategy, we make the lead generation pipeline as frictionless as possible.

RankScience works to improve your ROI by increasing website traffic and using proven, data-driven tactics to reach your target market. If you’re ready for marketing solutions that will bring you more leads, schedule your consultation today.

Digital Marketing Services We Offer

We take a boutique approach to digital marketing and implement the appropriate marketing method for your unique situation.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

As a practice owner, we know it’s important to you to show when someone searches for “chiropractic care” in Google. Of course, it’s likely you’re not the only chiropractor in your area. This is why you need marketing strategies that can give you an edge over the competition. This can be achieved with a content-rich, highly relevant website that appeals to potential clients and Google’s search algorithm. But how do you balance the two? The key is a comprehensive and targeted SEO strategy that is tailored to your industry.

That’s where RankScience’s team of SEO experts comes in. We work diligently to customize a strategy uniquely built to make your website more relevant to visitors and bring your business to the next level.

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screenshot in SERPs of the sponsored results for Chiropractor san francisco

Google Ads Management (formerly Google Adwords aka PPC)

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to show up at the top of Google right now for phrases like “chiropractor,” Google Ads is your answer. With an Ads campaign, your business will be shown in the first few results of Google for terms relevant to your industry. You choose the terms, turn the ads on, and you’ll immediately be reaching new customers who are searching for a practice in your area.

But you need to be targeting the right terms at the right time. It can be all too easy for an ad campaign budget to disappear without any meaningful results. Instead, you can call on the Google Ads management team at RankScience, which will make sure your ad budget is spent as effectively as possible.

Lead Generation

More leads mean more revenue. But getting those leads isn’t always the easiest process. With RankScience’s lead generation services, you get a dedicated team to create a full strategy to bring in leads from the most relevant channels to your industry. We target sources such as web forms, chat boxes, phone calls, and more. By maximizing your online visibility and reach, we can maximize your opportunities for leads.

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google maps results for neck pain treatment

Google Business Profile and Maps Management

Ensuring that your practice shows up on Google Maps when potential clients search for things like “neck pain treatment” is a vital piece to growing your business. Showing up on the map for these essential terms requires an updated and accurate Google Business Profile. The RankScience team can manage these profiles for you, ensuring your practice always shows up for the right terms on Google Maps. As the top online directory, it’s important to have your Maps presence in order so you don’t miss out on any potential clients.

Reputation Management

Negative reviews can quickly sink a business, especially in the chiropractic industry. Our reputation management team can help you respond to negative reviews and help remove any that were left in bad faith. We also help you respond to good reviews, which helps to build trust between your practice and your clients.

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screenshot of yellowpage results for chiropractor san francisco

Local Business Listing Management

Online directories like YellowPages and Foursquare must also be managed. Online local business listings help to increase your online presence, giving potential clients even more ways to find you. Our team will ensure your local business listings are claimed and updated so you don’t miss out on any local business.

Website Design

 A great website could be the difference between a client picking you over another chiropractor. A well-designed, intuitive website helps to build trust and show potential clients that you’re a credible business. Our website design team can freshen up your current website or start from scratch. Either way, we design your website in accordance with your brand and use design techniques to maximize your lead potential.

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Start Getting Leads Today!

Ready to get more clients in the door? Get started with the team at RankScience today! Our marketing experts are ready to work with you and create a custom strategy built to hit your top business goals. Let us show you why chiropractors trust RankScience to help them take their practice to the next level.

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