Drive more organic traffic and sales to your dispensary. RankScience helps you to plant your roots online and keep your cannabis business flourishing through smart, tactical SEO.

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Your dispensary deserves attention online, but many advertising channels are currently off-limits to cannabis companies. Fortunately, SEO for Dispensaries is fair game. RankScience also makes it easy to jump in by providing hands-on support and bespoke Marijuana SEO strategies.

Keywords & rankings

Let our team perform a deep dive into your top ranking opportunities. Receive keyword maps, competitive reports, and personalized recommendations.


Build up your link profile and your overall reputation online. We’ll help you create a strong backlink strategy that boosts your credibility and your rankings.

Local SEO

Attract more foot traffic to your physical stores. Our team will make sure that your store appears when people search for dispensaries nearby.

Cannabis Dispensary SEO, made simple

A good Cannabis SEO strategy can keep your business on the up and up for years to come. With RankScience, you can leave the grunt work to us and still reap the benefits of a solid strategy.


Reach the right crowd

Engage potential buyers across the country with highly targeted content. We not only identify marijuana-related keywords and backlink opportunities, but analyze the intent behind search terms to ensure you’re reaching people who are ready to buy.


Outrank your competition

Become a known name in the industry, no matter your company size. With RankScience, you can perform a deep competitive analysis and capitalize on keyword gaps, which allow you to outrank even some of the biggest names in the space.


See real ROI

Dispensary SEO can help you grow into an industry leader, sell more cbd products, and bring more people into your store—all while saving time. As we help to build and carry out your SEO strategy, we’ll also provide full visibility into our progress and performance.


Test, optimize, repeat

Search engine algorithms are constantly changing. To retain first-page rankings, you need to regularly refresh, test, and optimize your site. Thanks to our proprietary A/B testing software, we can achieve this more efficiently than any other SEO service.

Gain Potential Customers with end-to-end SEO services

Cannabis Industry SEO isn’t for the faint-hearted. With keyword research, technical tune-ups, and everything else in between—SEO requires a team that knows their stuff. When you work with us, you gain a full team of SEO fanatics looking to offer you our full breadth of expertise.

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“As search engines continue getting smarter, the importance of content and semantically related terms can’t be overlooked. RankScience’s [team and tools offer] the perfect way to ensure your content is relevant, readable, and comprehensive enough to be competitive in SERPs. You’ll be impressed by…the immediate results they have on your SEO.”
Chad Crabtree, CareerKarma

Cannabis SEO FAQs

Whether you sell medical or recreational marijuana, SEO can help your canna business gain more visibility, both online and offline. As more states legalize marijuana, you’ll want to make sure that it’s easy for your customers to find your products and locations through a quick Google search. It’s also notoriously difficult to advertise online as a cannabis company. While some (risky) workarounds exist, SEO is readily available to your business today.

Canna businesses face lots of red tape when it comes to pay-per-click advertising. For example, Google only permits advertising around medical marijuana products. While workarounds (“fly-by-night” strategies) exist, you risk getting suspended if Google discovers that you’re bending the rules.

SEO, on the other hand, is free and easy to start. With a thoughtful SEO strategy, you can reach people who are looking to buy weed, research new marijuana products, or find a dispensary. Read more in our blog about dispensary marketing.

We describe the process for evaluating SEO ROI on our blog. The short answer: there’s no cookie-cutter formula for it. However, there are various factors and KPIs that you can track to understand how SEO is contributing to your site’s visibility and overall sales goals.

Our team comes with over a decade’s worth of experience in SEO. We have a diverse team of experts, ranging from tech junkies to creative geniuses—all of whom are available at your service. We don’t believe in just handing you a list of instructions, either. We serve as true partners who see our strategies through.

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