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Looking for an alternative to ClearScope? Our Content Insights tool gives your content team the ability to take your SEO efforts to the next level and create unique, engaging content that outwins competitors.

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Since Bill Gates first said it in 1996, you’ve heard the phrase “Content is King” over and over again in the digital marketing world. That saying still holds true today, but with one little tweak–“High-Quality Content is King.” And, for good reason. Writing content that is not only competitive and unique but also provides value to your audience will help you draw in high-converting users who trust your expertise. 

However, this is easier said than done. That is why there are SEO content writing platforms out there to help you not only find topics that are valuable to users in your space but also evaluates your content to see where it can be optimized for SEO purposes. This is where platforms such as ClearScope or RankScience’s Content Insights come into play. With few content writing tools to choose from for your team, it can be difficult to choose which one is right for your business. Continue reading below to discover which tool is best for your SEO content writing needs. 

ClearScope vs. RankScience Content Insights: What’s the Difference?

Both ClearScope and RankScience have one goal in mind–to help your business create high-quality, high-converting content that drives your target audience to your website. However, there are a few big differences that set these tools apart. 


One of the first things you may be looking at when choosing a tool is the price. Does it fit within your budget? Does it provide an ideal ROI for your business? See a breakdown of the price differences below: 

Content Optimization

Both RankScience’s Content Insights and ClearScope offer a content optimization analysis within their tools. They both analyze your content and check for valuable SEO elements such as an overall grade of the content that takes into consideration readability, word count, and average monthly searches as well as the overall integration of relevant and semantic keywords. 

However, RankScience offers a competitive analysis of your content, providing you with the top ranking, relevant pieces of content that you can quickly analyze and view to create content that is competitive and will rank well in SERPs. 

Keyword Research

In addition to content optimization, both ClearScope and RankScience’s Content Insights tool has keyword research. When you conduct research in ClearScope, they will provide average monthly search volumes for both the keyword you searched for along with the top-performing keywords phrases in Google’s search results pages. 

On the other hand, RankScience provides your keyword’s monthly search volume within the content optimization section. They also provide a tool where you can view keyword impressions and track the keywords that your site is ranking for. 

SEO A/B Testing

In addition to the Content Insights tool (and for an additional cost), RankScience offers SEO A/B split testing. With their SEO A/B testing, you can easily change and test SEO elements on your website to gain real-word data on the effects of your SEO changes and make informed decisions. Learn more about RankScience’s SEO A/B testing here

ClearScope offers no other services. 

You Success is Our Priority

At RankScience, your success is our priority. Still not sure if ClearScope or RankScience is the right fit for you? Sign up for a free trial with RankScience and see for yourself, risk-free, how our tool can help improve your content and create high-quality, competitive pieces that boost your SEO efforts and draws more high-converting users to your website.

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